About Us

Canadian Art Reborn in Fashion

Sheila Keighron established ‘Genesis' as a means to express her vision, 'Art Reborn in Fashion' in 2014. Genesis is a design and manufacturing wholesale/retail company of high quality fashionable collections.
To date, Genesis collection has focused on the works of the renowned Canadian artist, the late Daphne Odjig, whose work can be seen incorporated in the garments.
Genesis is preparing to introduce and incorporate the works of additional artists in the future. We are about to launch a Celtic collection which has been sought after since the samples came to life. We intend to have these on our website in the next few months, we are confident that you are going to enjoy them.
All our garments are manufactured locally here in Vancouver BC. We are insistent on quality of fit and structure and our style are timeless. Quality fabrics are only used in our collections.
Sheila, started her design career in Ireland with her successful company, 'Justin Paul Fashions' one of Ireland's top fashion houses with awards for their garments style and quality, before moving to Canada.